At LivingCare we take great pride in the trust that professional clubs and athletes place in our healthcare provision. We operate our elite sports care from our facility at Thorpe Park, Leeds, where we operate using our Siemens 3T Wide Bore MRI Scanner.


Our specialists have worked across Olympics and Commonwealth Games, for the FA, for clubs in the Premiership whilst providing external medical support to Rugby League, Rugby Union, British Olympic Association, England Cricket Board and English Institute of Sport.


Our care is delivered in partnership with trainers, coaches and team doctors to ensure that any treatment can be agreed on and rehabilitation is optimal.


Through this combined effort of our specialists, the team doctor and the athlete we work together to assess, treat and monitor injuries and conditions.

Our core services are shown below.

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To book into our clinic privately call us on: 0113 249 4655

To use your private medical insurance please obtain a GP referral and contact your insurer before contacting us for an appointment.

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