At LivingCare we take great pride in the trust that professional clubs and athletes place in our healthcare provision. We operate our elite sports care from our facility at Thorpe Park, Leeds, where we operate using our Siemens 3T Wide Bore MRI Scanner.


Our specialists have worked across Olympics and Commonwealth Games, for the FA, for clubs in the Premiership whilst providing external medical support to Rugby League, Rugby Union, British Olympic Association, England Cricket Board and English Institute of Sport.


Our care is delivered in partnership with trainers, coaches and team doctors to ensure that any treatment can be agreed on and rehabilitation is optimal.


Through this combined effort of our specialists, the team doctor and the athlete we work together to assess, treat and monitor injuries and conditions.

Our core services are shown below.


Medical Imaging:

An MRI scan at LivingCare can be used to examine the bones, joints and neurological issues. The results of an MRI scan can be used to help diagnose conditions, plan treatments and assess how effective previous treatment has been. The machine uses a magnetic field and radio waves, together with an advanced computer system to build up a series of images, each one showing a thin slice of the area being examined. These images are very detailed and can show both bones and soft tissues in the body and can provide a great deal of information.

Cardiac Screening

We can undertake ECG and work with partners to provide a full cardiac assessment. Depending on what you or your players require. An ECG analyses the electrical activity of the heart. It diagnoses any abnormalities. Measurements are taken from various parts of the body by using leads.

Full Cardiac Assessments can be arranged with our Consultants where required.

Histology & Pathology

At LivingCare we can arrange any Pathology or Histology tests. Our pathology and histology services are fully confidential and provide an advanced insight into each individuals performance potential, and their health and wellbeing. Blood testing and analysis are part of our full services for our elite and amateur athletes. They optimise recovery and can be used to optimise any training programmes.

Our pathology services can be accessed on their own or part of our team. Patients can request pathology testing on their own.

Specialist Clinics


Our MSK clinic is dedicated to diagnosing MSK issues and providing the most effective treatment for these injuries. The team is led by consultants, and have a team that supports the treatment. Top Consultants offer specialist knowledge based on the body area. Our clinical team fully understand the impacts of elite sports and the injuries that prevail from playing sports. We are committed to supporting patients in getting back achieving their goals.


We have one of the leading Orthopaedic clinics in Yorkshire. Our clinical team work with elite sports people through to individuals suffering from damaged joints and arthritis. Our consultants can provide a full pathway including some of the best technology in the world. We can provide you with support from the first pains and injury through to rehab and non-invasive treatments such as PRP and nStride. Whether it’s a sporting injury, regular pain or ongoing treatment we can provide you with specialists for your joint area. To see one of our experience Orthopaedic Surgeons you will need to book an initial consultation. You can browse our pages to see our consultants and choose your consultant yourself or by interest. You can also find out more information

GP services:

At LivingCare, we recognise that it is often difficult to access primary care services when you need them the most. We offer fast and easy access to appointments that suit you and your schedule. Find out more here

Joint Injections:

LivingCare use our specialist Consultant Radiologists to undertake Joint Injections. These can be undertaken as a steroid injection, through ultrasound guided – using the ultrasound machine to indicate the exact position of the needle into the joint, and can be done using PRP treatment (Plasma Rich Platelets). These injections can be used to reduce pain, swelling or to promote recovery from injury.

Knee and Hip Clinic:

Using our specialist Consultant team and our elite imaging suite, we hold a specific clinic that focuses on the Knee and Hips. Often a cause of pain for those running, cycling or generally twisting their knees in their sport. Our team is an MDT approach and works using peer review across our Consultant Team. Reviewing the Knee and Hip and the potential causes, treatments and recovery to ensure optimised performance or reduction in pain.

Cycling Injury Clinic:

We provide a clinic that looks at injuries from Cycling. From the appropriate fit of the bike, to positioning and on to any injuries or pain that you get whilst cycling. Our specialist team look at the injuries and use techniques to reposition you on the bike and make you comfortable. Our team have worked with some of the leading cyclists in the region including those in the World Tour.


Pre Season and Mid Season Medical:

Our experienced team have a proven track record in providing pre-signing medical services for Premiership, Championship, International clubs and National Governing Bodies. We understand the pressures faced in meeting tight deadlines during a transfer window. We work within your time limits and turnaround expectations. Whilst we also recognise that even the best timescales can be affected and appreciate the demands placed on the Club’s Executive and Medical teams. This is why we strive to offer you a service with the absolute confidence, flexible to your needs, discrete and well managed. We will always accommodate any late requests, weekend and evening requirements. We offer a range of services from a single test to a full medical package.

A full medical includes;

  • Blood & Urine Tests
  • MRI Scans
  • Cardiac Screening
  • Examination room for Club Doctor/Physio
  • Additional tests on request e.g. vision, hearing, X-Ray ultrasound, orthopaedic assessment etc.
  • Bespoke packages available

Our team will work with the club, ensuring the player is fully looked after throughout their medical. They will ensure someone is always available to support and chaperone the player. As part of our process we ensure that all the results are processed in a timely manner, that they enable the club to make a decision around transfers and signings quickly.

Our medical team is made up of:

  • Sports Doctor
  • Radiographer
  • Consultant MSK Radiologists
  • Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Consultant Cardiologists

Biomarkers and Blood Tests:

At LivingCare we are able to undertake full blood testing. This blood testing can help support training blocks, performance and how well your body is performing. We have a range of blood tests available, it is worth speaking to your coach or our Sports Doctor around the impact of bloods.

Our blood tests are able to indicate a range of measures and are worth discussing in advance of booking in for blood tests being undertaken.

Results will be back within 24-48 hours and an appointment will be made to discuss these results.


We understand at times that performance can be about mental hurdles. That’s why with our team we can discuss your hurdles, your goals and how mentally you can prepare for them.

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