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How we

work with

the NHS.

LivingCare operate on the basis of "Any Qualified Provider" contracts.  These contracts enables the Clinical Commissioning Groups to commission providers like LivingCare to deliver patient choice for outpatient and diagnostic services on behalf of the NHS.  

Utilising providers like LivingCare creates greater capacity across the health system, it enables patients to be treated quicker and ultimately receive treatment sooner.


LivingCare operate on a similar mechanism to General Practice Surgeries, Dentists, Opticians etc. All of these are individual businesses that are owned by individuals outside of the NHS and are contracted to provide services on behalf of the NHS.  As part of this, there are minimum quality requirements that as providers we must meet; we must be registered to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and comply with their regulations. 


As a country we are incredibly proud of our NHS system and that everyone has free access to healthcare at the point of need.  LivingCare strongly believe that this should continue and care across the UK should be delivered as part of the NHS system and should be delivered free at the point of need.


Our services are delivered in line with the NHS Constitution and the Health and Social Care Act. 


We provide NHS services alongside our Private Service provision, this enables us to operate efficiently for the NHS lists whilst providing services that may not be funded through the NHS or services that we are not commissioned to provide as part of the NHS provision. Private Healthcare is funded either by the individual or through their health insurance.


The NHS provider network is made up of NHS and Independent providers that provide outstanding clinical care to the communities that we all serve.


LivingCare is owned and is founded by Dr Stephen Feldman, and was established to ensure that patients have care and treatments closer to their home.  That patients have choice and flexibility to manage their own health around their lives.

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