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Look after your skin on the slopes

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

When you are up on the slopes, the most worrying health concern is usually a broken bone from a fall heading down that black run. However what about your skin? You would consider it when you are on the beach, but not necessarily when you are on the snow.

Sunburn, dry skin, wind burn, lip chapping - all can cause discomfort and irritation when you are heading down those runs.

Then from the cold, you head in for some Apres-ski and then into the hotel or chalet where the log burners are on and you are warming up.

Preparing you skin.

Your skin becomes damaged by the sun through oxidisation - this can be combated with a simple vitamin e supplement.

Protecting yourself from the sun.

Get that sunscreen on - as you would do on a summer holiday. We would always recommend that with the on and off of layers, the sweat from your ski/boarding runs and then that inevitable eating powder as you get more confident - you get a water resistant version.

Some of the formulas you may look at may not be suitable for your skin, give them a test before you go, and always if you have sensitive skin have a look for those which are hypo allergic or suitable for sensitive skin.

What about the lips?

Of course the lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, some good lip balm with a high SPF and UVA coverage works a treat. Continually reapply, especially after drinking and eating.

Usual skin advice applies:

  • Drink plenty of water - keep yourself hydrated

  • Minimise Alcohol Intake - alchol is a diuretic - taking water from the skin.

  • Avoid those hot showers - keep it warm instead - hot water strips the natural oil from skin.

Skin Problems?

We offer Private and NHS dermatology appointments. View further information here


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