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Taking it easy with LivingCare's 'Scan-Ease' service

Our scan-ease service was recently featured in local magazine, Northside.

If you haven't had chance to read it we have copied the article below:


Taking It Easy!


Yorkshires leading MRI and sports injury imaging provider, LivingCare has launched a new service to help its patients tackle 'scanxiety' and common MRI fears.

It follows research conducted by Siemens UK, which found that 42 per cent of people are afraid of MRI scans, with one in seven admitting to cancelling their appointment due to a fear of the scanner; a significant number of people also refuse to be referred for one at all.

LivingCare's new 'Scan-Ease' service allows patients to book a visit before their scan to meet the expert team, tour the clinic and familiarise themselves with the scanner and learn more about the process and hat to expect. This is proven to reduce or even eliminate fear of the 'unknown'.

The purpose-built, state-of-the-art clinic features the regions first private 3T MRI scanner, which offers twice the resolution of older 1.5T scanners, but also has a number of features designed to overcome common complaints, adding to the Scan-Ease service.

The scanner is quicker and has 30 percent more internal space, without using any imaging quality, which significantly helps patients who find traditional scanners uncomfortable and claustrophobic. Some scans can also be completed without the need for the head to enter the scanner.

The scanner at LivingCare also features soft and soothing glow lighting, with patients able to select their own colours, to help create the best mood and enviroment during their scan.

Dr Stephen Feldman, Medical Director at LivingCare, said: "our team of highly regarded imaging experts have 50 years' combined experience and understand that having an MRI scan be a traumatic experience for many patients.

"We hope the new service will help ease worry by offering patients to the chance to 'check it out, before it checks you out'. Adding this level of reassurance and peace of mind means more important scans will be able to go ahead."

Patients no longer need to go to their GP for a referral and can be assessed for a scan by the LivingCare Imaging team, dramatically reducing the waiting times and demands on NHS scanners.

If you are interested in our Scan-Ease Service contact us on 0113 397 0981 or visit our website


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