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It really isn't as expensive as you think...

We understand more and more we question the value of things, and what they mean to us. We often ask what the value we put on our care or what do our patients believe the value of our care is. This is both in context to how satisfied they find our services through to the value to them as individual and their life, lifestyle and how they choose to live.

The reason we question the value of our services is that we continually review our prices to make our services as accessible as possible for patients who wish to self pay or use their insurance. We work with many PMI companies to review our prices to ensure that members of schemes get the best value, but also that those who are self paying have a very clear, transparent care plan that is agreed with them.

What we aim to do:

· Provide the best value outpatient and diagnostic arrangements

· Any procedure can be placed on a credit card within the national average borrowing limit (£3k)

· The cost of all our treatment and clinical intervention is clearly stated and that we do not provide "packages" which are unclear or include extra procedures that may not be required.

· Our clinicians will provide you with the best support, and our team will guide you through our services.

Why choose us?

Over 95% of patients would highly recommend us. This is a significant statistic and means so much to our teams. We all are here to provide the best possible care. We use local consultants who will be able to see you in the local private hospitals if you need surgery. Our ethos is to be as preventative as possible, so that patients don’t go "under the knife" and that their care is provided in the most effective way. At times this absolutely cannot be prevented. However we use some of the latest techniques and technology to support the development of pathways to reduce this.

We are cost effective. We know that our prices are lower than our competitors across Yorkshire. This is not about cutting corners, this is because we are owned by a GP who believes in best quality care. We are accountable to ourselves not some VC or because we have significant estates base to pay off.

We not only have high patient satisfaction results, we also are trusted by over 35 professional sports clubs across Yorkshire to provide care for their players and their families.

PMI or Self Pay?

We are registered with most insurers for most our procedures. You will need to speak to our team to discuss the Private Medical Insurance accreditation and what can be seen by our team at LivingCare. We accept all procedures on a self pay basis.

We cannot advise on what is best for you, however what we do say is that fully read what is included and excluded from PMI, decide what is the most affordable and from signing up to PMI how quickly you can claim.

Would placing the treatment on credit card and paying the balance off or paying outright be more cost effective for you? You are the best person to judge this and we are unable to advise on what is best for you.

What we do know, is that we provide great care from a team which is passionate about placing you in charge of your care.

Final Points:

We mention Credit Cards - we trust that you will borrow money responsibly. We do not want any patients to get into financial difficulty. Please ensure you talk through with appropriate financial advise. Borrowing on Credit Cards over the 0% interest period costs significantly. Please check with your borrower for details.


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