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Healthcare For Everyone Campaign

We have launched our latest marketing campaign for private healthcare, and changing away from its tradition.

Private Healthcare whether through Self Pay or Private Medical Insurance has always been aimed at Middle Class, White British, Male audience. Is it not time that this changed?

Our campaign focuses on the patients clinical need, and involves them in their care rather than basing care on a model that is assumed to apply to everyone. Our care is for everyone. Anyone can access our care on a self pay basis.

Whilst this campaign does discuss private healthcare provision, it is a matter of fact that the wait times for treatment and the threshold for referral are increasing. Something that may be minor can cause significant stress and irritation for people. Also where an issue may take two to three weeks to be seen on the NHS, by providing this service we are able to provide the care as quickly as same or next day.

What more is that we will always be flexible to suit individuals work, leisure and family commitments. We recognise that busy lifestyles lead to chaotic planning at times. Also when people need to take that one extra shift, or put in that extra day freelancing, or a deadline that has crept up.

Our offer is for all patients, it is for a modern generation, to treat people quickly, provide great value for money, and with excellent outcomes.


LivingCare provide healthcare on behalf of the NHS, Private and Self Pay basis. We are not able to start a private consultation and transfer you into the NHS pathway, you will need to go back to your NHS GP for this to happen.

We are governed by the CQC.

LivingCare is a medium enterprise, and ensures adherance to social value act 2012, our practice is to support and develop the communities in which we serve.


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