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​Our founder

Dr Stephen Feldman started The LivingCare Group back in 2002. As a GP, Dr Feldman has experience of the benefits that care closer to the community brings to patients and their health. His passion to ensure the best quality service provision that is responsive, is centred around the patient and ensures best possible outcomes for the individuals within our care.

Dr Stephen Feldman, continues to undertake GP sessions in Yorkshire ensuring that he stays true to his roots of General Practice and ahead of changes that are presented within the local health economies. 


LivingCare Group is a set of companies that operate across various health services and portfolios.  We have extensive experience of developing and delivering NHS care, and have a growing portfolio of private provision.  We work across GP practices and within our own centres in Yorkshire. 

Our services are developed in response to local demands across the health economy and in line with the NHS governance and contractual requirements.

​Our group

Meeting the

demands in


Our industry is so stringently regulated and is continually adapting to the latest research, drugs and procedures that as a provider we have to be abreast of these developments.  Our strong clinical governance sits at the heart of what we do.  Being founded and having Dr Stephen Feldman as part of our management team ensures that we continue to drive quality and improvement in everything we do.

Healthcare is a demanding industry that has to be responsive to local population needs.  We are proud to work with the NHS Trusts, NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and other independent providers to ensure that as a healthcare economy we are driving innovation, improvements across all services and locations ensuring parity of care for patients.

Why are

we different?

We do not cut corners.  We are driven by the belief that quality brings its rewards.  We see outstanding quality within our services, we have strong outcomes for our patient care and our ratings on patient satisfaction are high. 


Our average for the last three months is 98% of individuals would highly likely or likely recommend us as a provider of choice for their friends and family.

Our next


In October 2018 we appointed Mrs Helen White as our Managing Director.  Helen brings to the organisation a pathway and drive to move us into our next chapter as an organisation.  We want to provide our efficient and effective, quality driven clinical care to more individuals. 


We want to engage in and with other healthcare economies, other providers and commissioners to help more patients in receiving high quality care. 

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