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At LivingCare, we offer a range of payment options to suit you. We work with the majority of insurance providers across our private services if you have private medical insurance. We also accept payment by cash and card.

We offer a clear, honest pricing structure with an itemized bill, not a just a packaged price with multiple extras that can leave you confused and out of pocket. 

At LivingCare, we understand that immediate access to healthcare is sometimes essential. With our self-pay service, there are no waiting lists. Within 24 hours, you will be offered a consultation date to see a medical professional that is convenient for you. 


We provide a service that means you won't be hanging around wondering what's next. Our expert team can give you an assessment and treatment within 1 week of your consultation.

Your consultation and any tests, scans or investigations will be charged separately, however all of these costs will be quoted to you before anything commences and you are under no obligation to continue your treatment with us unless you are happy to do so.   






If you are paying for your procedure or treatment with medical insurance, you will need to liaise closely with the insurance provider throughout the process. 

​Before attending your first appointment, you should contact your insurance company to check that that your condition is covered for all stages of treatments.

You will need to visit your GP and ask them to refer you to The LivingCare Group at Thorpe Park Clinic for a private procedure. Your GP will write a letter of referral and then either you or your GP can contact us to arrange your first appointment.

When you attend Thorpe Park Clinic for for initial consultation you will need to bring with you: 

  • Medical insurance registration documents

  • Completed claim form/proof of pre-authorisation by your insurance company.

The payment process

For most patients, treatment costs are based on agreements with the insurance company and payment will be made direct by them.​

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