A colonoscopy can help your doctor to find out the cause of symptoms such as persistent diarrhoea or a change in your bowel habits. If you have bleeding or mucus coming from your back passage, it can look for problems that could be causing this. Or it may be used to find out more if you have unexplained pain in your abdomen (tummy) or feel tired and breathless.

How to


Whether you’re paying for yourself or using private medical insurance, accessing our services is really easy. 

Paying for yourself: 

To book an appointment, all you need to do is contact us on 0113 539 4646, alternatively you can click here to visit our book an appointment page, or you can email: Within 48 hours you will be offered a suitable appointment



Initial Consultation:  £200

Follow-up Consultation: £95

Colonoscopy: £1,500


I have private medical insurance:

To book an appointment using private medical insurance please contact our administrative team on 0113 539 4646. Please ensure you have your medical insurance registration details to hand. Within 48 hours you will be offered a suitable appointment. 

Are there any alternatives?

A colonoscopy is usually the best investigation to show the inside of your bowel. However, it isn’t appropriate for everyone. If you can’t have a colonoscopy, your doctor may suggest other tests. The main alternative is described below.

  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy. This is a similar procedure to a colonoscopy but it uses a shorter instrument to look inside your rectum and the lower part of your large bowel.

Before your Colonoscopy

Before we go ahead with your Colonoscopy, you will need to have a formal consultation with a consultant. During this time, you will be able to explain your medical history, symptoms and raise any concerns that you might have.

Preparing for your Colonoscopy

We try to make your Colonoscopy experience as easy and relaxed as possible. You will discuss all appropriate preparation details during your consultation, however, here is a brief explanation of what you could expect: In order for the consultant to have a clear view of the bowel it is essential that the bowel is completely empty. There are different oral bowel preparations used to clear the bowel, full instructions will be given to you. If these instructions are not followed your test may be unsuccessful. You must keep taking any essential prescribed tablets. If you are diabetic or take any anticoagulants (blood thinning tablets) you must contact us on 0113 397 0981.

Having your Colonoscopy

Colonoscopies are carried out under sedation, which makes you feel relaxed and sleepy. You will be asked to lie on the couch on your left side. Oxygen will be given through a mask placed over your mouth and nose throughout the procedure and a small probe placed onto your finger to monitor your pulse. A small needle will be placed into the back of your hand, through which the sedative injection is put. This is not general anaesthetic. It is important to bring someone with you, and although they do not accompany you into the procedure room, they will be needed to escort you home. The person escorting you also needs to be able to take you home, where you will also need someone with you for the next 24 hours. Although you may feel fine after the procedure, the sedatives used can remain in your bloodstream for up to 24 hours. It is important that both you and your escort note that you should not do any of the following for 24 hours:

  • Drive a vehicle
  • Operate machinery
  • Drink any alcohol
  • Sign any legal documents
  • Look after children unsupervised
When you arrive at the hospital reception, your name, address and details will be checked. Next you will be seen by a Nurse who will take a brief medical history, record your blood pressure and pulse, discuss and explain the test and allow you time for you to express any worries or questions you have about the test. A consent form will then be signed if you are all happy. You will then be asked to change into a gown and dressing gown (if you wish to bring your own dressing gown and slippers you may do so). After the examination is completed you will be transferred to the recovery room and looked after by a nurse until you have recovered. Any discomfort will soon disappear and no medication is needed. A full report of your test will be sent to your GP. You will also receive a copy and we will discuss it with you. If there are any serious problems discovered during your colonoscopy they will be discussed with you before leaving. Our experienced and caring medical staff will be there to help and support you every step of the way.

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  • Your aftercare will not stop when you leave our clinic. We're here to help every step of the way.




LivingCare have provided high quality, safe, consultant-led care to thousands of patients and has an excellent local and national reputation. We are recognised by all medical insurers and also welcome non insured patients who wish to self pay for their treatment. LivingCare have also been working with the NHS to provide care for patients since 2002. 


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Patients access the service from across the whole of West Yorkshire to come to our facility.  The clinic hosts a range of services that are available on the NHS and through our Private Patient Pathway.  The facility has a state of the art 3T Wide Bore MRI Scanner, X Ray and Ultrasound provision. It hosts fantastic services across many NHS Pathways. 

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