12 Mishaps of Christmas-Eaten too many Brussel Sprouts?

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Eaten too many Brussel Sprouts?

Eaten too many Brussel Sprouts?

Sometimes when we eat, we suffer with indigestion. The acid from your stomach can sometimes irritate your stomach lining, the top part of the bowel, or the oesophagus.

This irritation can be painful and cause a burning sensation, particularly if the lining of your digestive system is overly sensitive to acid.

Your stomach can also stretch after eating a big meal, causing acid reflux, where the acid moves up into your oesophagus.

As well as heartburn, other common symptoms of indigestion include:

•feeling uncomfortably full or bloated

•feeling sick

•belching or passing wind (flatulence)

•bringing up food or fluid from your stomach

These symptoms usually occur soon after eating or drinking, although there can sometimes be a delay between eating and getting indigestion.

Treating your indigestion

If you tend to experience the symptoms of indigestion at night, avoid eating for three to four hours before you go to bed.

Going to bed with a full stomach means there's an increased risk that acid in your stomach will be forced up into your oesophagus while you're lying down.

When you go to bed, prop your head and shoulders up with a couple of pillows, or raise the head of your bed by a few inches by putting something underneath the mattress.

The slight slope should help prevent stomach acid moving up into your oesophagus while you're asleep.

For immediate indigestion relief, you can take indigestion tablets (otherwise known as antacid medicines and alginates)

Antacids are a type of medicine that can provide relief for mild to moderate symptoms of indigestion.

They neutralise the acid in your stomach, making it less acidic, so it doesn’t irritate the lining of your digestive system. They are available in tablet and liquid form and you can buy them from most supermarkets or pharmacies without a prescription.

If you suffer with persistent indigestion, consult your GP.