MRI Scan

An MRI scan at LivingCare can be used to examine the following parts of the body:

  • brain and spinal cord

  • bones and joints

  • Internal structures of your ear

The results of an MRI scan can be used to help diagnose conditions, plan treatments and assess how effective previous treatment has been. The machine uses a magnetic field and radio waves, together with an advanced computer system to build up a series of images, each one showing a thin slice of the area being examined. These images are very detailed and can show both bones and soft tissues in the body and can provide a great deal of information. Using the computer system the ‘slices’ can obtained in any direction.

How to


Whether you’re paying for yourself or using private medical insurance, accessing our services is really easy. 

Paying for yourself: 

To book an appointment, all you need to do is contact us on 0113 397 0981, alternatively you can click here to visit our book an appointment page, or you can email: Within 48 hours you will be offered a suitable appointment.


1-part: £330 | 2-parts: £5953-parts: £859Contrast: £80


I have private medical insurance:

To book an appointment using private medical insurance please contact our administrative team on 0113 397 0981. Please ensure you have your medical insurance registration details to hand. Within 48 hours you will be offered a suitable appointment. 

Are there any risks?

As far as is known at present, this is an extremely safe procedure. It does not involve the use of x-rays. You are placed in a very powerful magnetic field. If you have any small pieces of metal inside your body, you should inform the radiographer as in some cases you may not be able to have the examination. For female patients, if you are or might be pregnant, you must make sure the doctor referring you or a member of staff in the radiology department knows as soon as possible. MRI scans are not advisable in early pregnancy unless there are special circumstances.

Your appointment at LivingCare

You will be taken into the MRI scan room and asked to lay on the couch. Pads and pillows may be used to help you stay still and maintain your position during imaging. You may be given a contrast medium (a dye),which helps to produce more detailed images. The contrast medium will be injected into a vein in your arm, which occasionally causes a warm feeling for a short while. If this is required you may need to have a blood test prior to your scan. The couch will be moved slowly to position the part of your body being scanned in the centre of the scanner. The radiographers will retire to the control room but you will be able to talk to them via an intercom and they will be watching you all the time. It is important that you remain completely still while the images are being recorded. During the scan, you may well find the machine very noisy and you will be given headphones/ or earplugs to use. If you feel uncomfortable or worried, do mention it immediately to the radiographer.

How long will it take?

The process of taking the images usually takes about 20–30 minutes and your total time in the department is likely to be about 45 minutes.

Are there any side effects?

No. You can drive home afterwards and return to work as necessary.

Is any special preparation required?

You don’t need to have any special preparation for a routine MR scan. Unless you have been told otherwise, you may eat and drink normally before and after the scan.

  • We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) - the independent regulator of health and social care in England. 

  • Free, on-site parking 

  • Clean, modern facilities with the latest technology

  • Easy access of the M62 and M1

  • You will only ever be seen for scans, tests and follow up appointments at the same site, unless you specify otherwise

  • Any self pay appointment will be arranged within 24 hours with assessment and treatment to be arranged within 1 week of when we first saw you

  • All our treatments will not require an overnight stay. You will always recover from the comfort of your own home.

  • You will only ever be seen by a local consultant who is an expert in their field and also works within Leeds and Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals. 

  • Your aftercare will not stop when you leave our clinic. We're here to help every step of the way.




LivingCare have provided high quality, safe, consultant-led care to thousands of patients and has an excellent local and national reputation. We are recognised by all medical insurers and also welcome non insured patients who wish to self pay for their treatment. LivingCare have also been working with the NHS to provide care for patients since 2002. 


All our private services are held at Thorpe Park Clinic; our purpose built modern facility based in Colton, Leeds.


Patients access the service from across the whole of West Yorkshire to come to our facility.  The clinic hosts a range of services that are available on the NHS and through our Private Patient Pathway.  The facility has a state of the art 3T Wide Bore MRI Scanner, X Ray and Ultrasound provision. It hosts fantastic services across many NHS Pathways. 

Thorpe Park Clinic is fully accessible, has transport routes from all over Leeds.  We welcome all referrals into Thorpe Park Clinic from across West Yorkshire.

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