LivingCare have a strong track record of delivering care to local populations.  We understand what it takes to be a General Practitioner in the health system.  As part of this safeguarding services for the future is key, ensuring your services are able to continue to serve even if you are nearing retirement or want a change in your practice.

What LivingCare can offer is various options to help with the running of your practice.  This could be fully handing over your practice, it could be a support function enabling you to purely be a salaried GP or it could be just supporting you in the operational management of your practice.

LivingCare have over 25 years experience of working in General Practice and has seen many changes to primary care.

The wealth of experience that our team can bring across General Practice Management, Urgent Care and Walk In Centre Management and Out Of Hours Care provision 

What are the benefits of transition into LivingCare Group?

LivingCare are a family business which is led by Dr Stephen Feldman. This ensures that we have true clinical leadership throughout our organisation. We ensure our service quality is excellent and that we are meeting patient needs. Something we are sure you would not want to be compromised.

Your practice will be ran as part of our super practice models that we have established across London to great success. This ensures that we are able to scale up general practice to meet the demands of the populations we serve. We would do this with your team and utilising their local knowledge.

Our benefits that we could bring to your practice are:

  • Strong Leadership and Governance structures
  • Open and Honest Culture
  • Innovation and Effectiveness
  • Secretarial Team
  • Call Handling Team
  • HR Support
  • Finance Support
  • Medical Support
  • Training and CPD development
  • CQC support
  • Property Support
  • Marketing, Website and Social Media support.

Our Experience

LivingCare Group run the following service cohorts across the country:

  • General Practice Services
  • Modular General Practice
  • Day Case Procedures (Endoscopy, Vasectomy, Urology etc)
  • Outpatient Activity (Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology etc)
  • Imaging (MRI, XRay)
  • Health and Wellbeing

LivingCare have an excellent reputation amongst the health economies we operate within as a provider who focuses on quality and value. We have established ourselves as a preferred supplier to various acute trusts across Yorkshire and work with academic institutions supporting innovation and change within healthcare.

We have recognition from CCGs and NHSE for developing models of care in line with the General Practice 5 Year Forward View.

How do we undertake transitions?

We recognise that Primary Care is under strain and although we know our models of care can transform practices and change how care is provided we need to undertake robust due diligence to ensure that we are able to honour our vision of care delivery. We do not want to see any practices fail.

5 reasons to choose LivingCare Group as your practice partner:

  1. We are experienced provider of General Practice Services
  2. We have established mobilisation plans that we will work through with you, enabling a swift and seamless transition and changes to the service
  3. We have a strong business intelligence and metrics culture that enables us to undertake modelling and impact on the practice and how we structure the practice to ensure its effectively delivering care
  4. Our clinical governance and operational framework is robust and structured to enable changes in delivery which are safe and maintain quality.
  5. This is underpinned by our team in Leeds who will support any practice through transition and mobilisation. Each practice will have a dedicated project support through this period until they become part of our day to day operations.

Caretaking of GP Practices

At LivingCare Group we have experience of running GP practices. Through our models of delivery, we are able to manage fluctuations in demand and change our capacity accordingly. Due to our robust nature we are able to manage caretaking contracts and arrangements on GP practices on behalf of NHS commissioners.

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