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Using data

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The Aim

Ultimately our aim is to develop an interactive tool that informs the commissioning of healthcare based on patient data. 

Using this data it will enable us to manage:

  • Cost of Healthcare 

  • Comorbidities in association with primary presentations

  • PCN and ICS delivery

  • Workforce planning

  • Utilising resources to deliver effective to improve patient outcomes

Project Background

NHS Providers hold potentially the largest wealth of data across the country and could use this to positively change how healthcare is delivered. LivingCare propose that we develop a data project that uses data to inform commissioning strategy, improves value for money in delivery of care, and identifies health need based on postcode. Using the data held to develop by street the demographics of the average patient, their health interactions throughout their lifespan, the cost of their care, the workforce required to deliver the care, and the capacity across the system to meet patient demand. Utilising the PCN and ICS networks to attain truly data driven pathways based on current patient


  1. Clear pathways for patient care based on patient data

  2. Ability to work as a healthcare economy to identify workforce needs

  3. Understand the capacity and demand across the services within the tiers of healthcare delivery

  4. Healthcare is provided on geographic needs and the complexity of community diversity.


We expect to launch the project in December 2019. 

  • Data structures agreed

  • Capture templates developed

  • Sponsors of project appointed 

  • Key Partners identified and appointed

  • First Release of Data

  • Final Project Implementation

  • Sustaining Plan

  • Formal Publication

  • PR and Marketing

  • Data Update

  • Annual Upload

  • Project Maintenance

Want to be involved?

Do you want to be involved in changing the future of healthcare?

Email us at [email protected] 

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