COVID-19 Swab Testing for non-symptomatic patients.

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How to


Online booking instructions

I have private medical insurance:

To book an appointment using private medical insurance please contact our administrative team on 0113 539 4646. Please ensure you have your medical insurance registration details to hand. Within 48 hours you will be offered a suitable appointment. 



Postal and drop Testing

LivingCare are able to provide home swabbing facilities through sending you a home swabbing kit.

Please note: We cannot guarantee delivery of kits ordered between now and the new year before early January 2021 for this reason, we strongly advise our customers against ordering postal kits for travel between Christmas and The New Year, please use one of our other services instead

This option enables individuals to take the swab in the comfort of their own home, before bringing the swab into our collect and drop sites in the bag provided to be sent for testing.

Please note: We do not provide return postage, and strongly advise against posting your kit back to us under any circumstances. If you decide to arrange your own postal return, LivingCare cannot be held responsible for any delay in your results being sent to you.

How to


You will book a delivery and pay via our online booking system here.

The process

  • Place your order for a collect and drop at

  • Submit your personal details including passport number at the time of booking

  • We sent your kit out via tracked24 Royal Mail for orders placed before 12pm.

  • Receive your kit the next working day

  • Swab yourself in line with guidance from your country of travel

  • Please follow all guidance on the included instruction leaflet taking particular care to complete the information required on the swab tube itself and also on the lab request form.

  • Seal the biobag (do not include the lab request form in the biobag) then place the lab request from and biobag together in the grey return envelope.

  • Return your kit (The safest option is to use one of our collect and drop sites across the North of England before 4pm daily).

  • We return your results by 8pm the next working day if you use one of our drop boxes.

Why choose LivingCare for your COVID-19 testing?

There are many reasons why you should choose LivingCare for your private COVID-19 testing in Leeds and Yorkshire.

  • We offer fast and easy access to appointments that suit you and your schedule. 

  • We offer swift access to results, with most being available within 48 hours. 

  • You can jump the queue, we aren't part of the national testing system, and we offer a fast, efficient service.

  • We use healthcare staff to perform your test, ensuring your peace of mind that it's done by professionals with the right skills.

  • Our services are available at competitive prices, we aren't a large corporate organisation and offer services that our communities require at a reasonable price.

All our private services are held at Thorpe Park Clinic; our purpose built modern facility based in Colton, Leeds.


Patients access the service from across the whole of West Yorkshire to come to our facility.  The clinic hosts a range of services that are available on the NHS and through our Private Patient Pathway.  The facility has a state of the art 3T Wide Bore MRI Scanner, X Ray and Ultrasound provision. It hosts fantastic services across many NHS Pathways. 

Thorpe Park Clinic is fully accessible, has transport routes from all over Leeds.  We welcome all referrals into Thorpe Park Clinic from across West Yorkshire.

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